About Us

Welcome to the House of Uni family!

At House of Uni we allow you to be your own kind of beautiful. It always begins with YOU. You're an individual that can make an impact on society. You define confidence. You define sexy. You define and can do whatever you put your mind to. You are your own Universe; the energy you put out is the energy you get back whether it be good or bad. You are Unique. No one can define you but you. Together, U-n-i (you and I) can create a unified bond regardless of size and ethnic background. You define fashion, it doesn't define you.

Founded in 2014 by Kumiko Ming, a Caribbean woman, she wanted something that would represent her culture. With almost 2 decades under her belt in the beauty and fashion industry she wanted to create products that embodied everything she loves; travel, Caribbean music and the unity of people. Starting right from her kitchen is where the Calypso Collection was born. 

We are inspired by everything the Caribbean has to offer. From the beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery to the rhythmic reggae and calypso music that takes over your body. House of Uni is your passport to paradise through a tube of lipstick. We strive to become the best as we pride ourselves in premium quality products and excellent customer service. After all you are a Goddess and should be treated as royalty. 

We are proud to offer our products worldwide and ship internationally. Our products are held at the same high quality standards as many other brands using top quality formulas that are gluten free, paraben free and most importantly cruelty-free.

Some may wonder why lipsticks? It's simple. A woman feels sexy and complete when she has on the right lipstick. Even if she has on little to no makeup with the right lipstick she is ready to conquer the day ahead of her. The Calypso Collection appeals to people who are empowered, love to "Live Out Loud" and enjoy all that life has to offer because being "normal" is just too boring. They don't like to be confined to a box. They walk into a room and their self-confidence shines like no other because they are content with who they are. They are uplifting and inspiring and like to surround themselves with like-minded people. They are a Goddess and refuses to be viewed as anything less. We want to ensure that every time you wear House of Uni you feel confident, radiant and proud of your purchase.

One Love. One Heart.

The House of Uni Team